My Creative Loves - Music

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As hard as I try, I can't remember the point in time when I first fell in love with music. I think it might be because it has been part of me for longer than I can remember.

I grew up in a musical household, listening to my mom play and sing until the wee hours of the morning, and I guess eventually it rubbed off on me.

As a kid, I absolutely hated practicing, and even though I was the one who first requested violin lessons, after a few years I begged my mom to let me quit. She told me I had to stick it out until I had played in school orchestra for at least one year, and after that if I could quit if I wanted to.

She must have known what she was doing, because after one year of orchestra I was hooked, and all of the sudden music was something that I had an passionate self-motivated drive for.

Over the years I've been exposed to and performed so many different styles of music; vocal, violin, classical, choral, jazz, Celtic, and musical theatre to name a few. It's impossible for me to pick out the style that I like best.

All I know is, I love the feeling I get when I'm listening to music, and I love the feeling I get when I'm making music. Communicating through music is a process that carries me away to another place, where time stands still and magic happens - and it is my favourite place to be.