Carmen Lasceski-Custers
Carmen worked with several students on a variety of different repertoire. Although she only had an hour but she was able to give excellent suggestions to help all of the {master class} participants.
— Klara Fenyö Bahcall, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

Workshops - Masterclasses - Adjudication

When working in a educational presentation setting, Carmen deftly combines her insightful and dynamic teaching style with a lifetime of performing experience to provide an engaging, educational event for all involved.  She draws on the wealth of her history as a pedagogue, (which includes work as an teacher for private and group lessons, university lectures, master classes, workshops, summer programs and adjudications), and combines it with her diverse performing background encompasses instrumental and vocal performance, as well as stage experience in theater, musical theater, and ballet.  

The culmination of Carmen's multifaceted performance background allows her to synthesize an engaging presence, which in turn enables her to intuitively connect with and "read" her audience.  In addition, her finally honed pedagogy skills allow her to bring the most out of those she's working with, while still engaging the onlookers in the room.

Carmen's many years of teaching experience make her an outstanding adjudicator - as she is simultaneously able to listen with a critical ear while recognizing student achievement.  

Carmen's most Frequently requested Services include:

  • Summer program residencies 
  • Masterclasses
  • Festival adjudication
  • Orchestral workshops 
  • Sectional coaching
  • Lectures
  • General music education workshops
  • Entrepreneurial lectures 


Carmen Can Help You, your STUDENTS and Ensembles: 

  • Increase musicianship
  • Gain performance confidence
  • Build stage presence 
  • Strengthen technique 
  • Developing score understanding
  • Unify ensemble awareness - for both large and small groups
  • Ignite creative and analytical thinking
  • Inspire a self-propelled excitement, passion and drive for making music 

Carmen is available for travel in and around Toronto, across Canada and internationally.  Rates and availability vary by service.  References available upon request. Carmen is always open to new projects and welcomes inquires about services not listed above