Carmen Lasceski-Custers

Performance Services 

Carmen is a veteran performer with a resume of stage experience that spans nearly three decades, across multiple disciplines in the performing arts; including instrumental and vocal performance, theater and musical theater and dance.  As a violinist, she is often noted for her rich sound, artistic interpretation, soulful expression and compelling stage presence.  The diversity of Carmen's performance background allows her to step seamlessly between genres, and in addition to classical works, Carmen’s repertoire includes folk, fiddle and improv.  

The culmination of Carmen's performance experiences allow her to comfortably engage with and read her audience, weather it be a classical or folk performance setting.   Apart from her work as a soloist, Carmen frequently collaborates with other musicians to form duos, trios, quartets and ensembles.  Carmen is always open to new creative projects, and welcomes inquires about projects that might be a  little "outside the box."


  • Weddings and receptions
  • Corporate and holiday events
  • Church services
  • Memorial services
  • Recitals
  • House concerts
  • Composer workshops
  • Composer commissions 
  • Orchestral 
  • Chamber music 
  • Recording sessions


As a performer carmen is able to:

  • Work in a variety of genres including: classical, folk and improv
  • Create fillers, riffs and harmonies by ear
  • Cultivate an engaging and entertaining performance 
  • Work in a recording studio situation 
  • Work comfortably with sound equipment  
  • Collaborate with other musicians 
  • Suggest repertoire to best fit the needs of the performance setting
  • Create a program to fit the diversity of your needs

Carmen is available for travel in and around Toronto, across Canada and internationally.  Rates and availability vary by service.  References available upon request.